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Ms. S.A.S.S.I.


Born and raised in Eastern, NC by a Military father, a medical field working mother, along with two older brothers and one younger brother. Let’s just say, the tomboy was always there! But the prissy cheerleader was still there under the hard tomboy image.
With a degree in criminal justice from North Carolina Central University, I knew that the police
life was all mine until that ride along in college, major changes occurred. Not prissy enough, I
decided to go into my next love of Social Work and helping people and pursued my next dream
as a MSW graduate from East Carolina University.
Having a military dad and his guidance is what lead me to find guns and the hobby of shooting.
The fear was there first (and it stayed for a long time) and then came the comfort of learning to
protect myself. My dad pushed me repeatedly to get comfortable shooting and being around
guns, and finally it paid off! My dad purchased my first gun (a Czechoslovakian 380 Police
Pistol), and all the fear became history!
Now, COVID-19 hits with plenty of uncertainty, including the possibility of a loss job. The
dreamer and hustler in me made it much easier to come up with a plan B and C. Why not take
the love of guns and pursue a new career (which by the way never feels like a job because the
genuine love is there) and help other people the same way my dad helped me? This mentality
created S.A.S.S.I. Shooters in August of 2020.
My plan to grow and develop this organization to international levels so that minority women all
over the world will have the skills necessary to protect SELF!

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